So I decided to make an ongoing post of original designs to choose from, hopefully to inspire future similar ideas for your tattoo projects. I really want to build a specific body of work, all of these motifs are what I love to work on. I like working on pieces that tell a story, that have a surrealism style, portraits and painted or splashy backgrounds. In the future I’m hoping that everyone will be inspired to use this style to convey their work they want me to do. I’m super excited for this and thank you all in advanced for the trust and letting me do my thing!

As always the best way to book with me is through email. As these designs are snagged up I’ll update this post so everyone can see what designs are still available. I will also be adding more to it periodically so come visit this post to catch my new designs and don’t wait if you see something you like.

My current wait time as of now is about 12 months. Click here for booking info >>

Thank you!! [email protected]

Ulibarri Sullen Badge