Highlights - Brian Ulibarri

Just a few things that have happened over the last couple years.


A shout out to all these guys that show me a lot of support over the years, always grateful!!


Inspiring a new body of work for 2024

Brian is currently booking for 2024 so he is really trying to narrow the focus of his work and the projects he takes on so please read below:


Surrealism - A creative collage of realistic images black and grey or color

Portraits - Portraits are his specialty but he does want to blend other imagery into them as well for a more creative piece.

Subject Matter:

Mostly - religious, movies, pop culture or any theme that has: 2-3 images collaged together, one of them being a portrait of a human face, skull or animal with some kind of splashy paint effect mixed into it.

This won't be forever but this will be the beginning of a new body of work for him which by making these requirements will help him to create his own original look that he's going for which will eventually be his own blend of all these elements.

For more booking questions go to the link below and again thank you so much! He looks forward to hearing everyone's ideas hopefully this will push both him and you to come up with some really creative projects for 2024!