Welcome to Ulibarri Ink & Art Gallery I am Brian Ulibarri and this is my tattoo portfolio. I'm a Tattoo artist specializing in realism, surrealism, portraits, trash polka and watercolor / painterly style tattoos and artwork. I work in Color / Black and Grey. I love tattooing and I like to work with my clients to come up with original ideas and designs. Contact me to set up an appointment.

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Ulibarri Ink & Art Gallery | Tattoos & Art: Brian Ulibarri

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Since starting my Private Studio I tattoo by appointment only and I travel for conventions and guest spots as well. I design most everything I tattoo.  I work mostly in: realism, painting effects, surrealistic, big custom pieces and portraits are my favorite. If  you're interested in getting some work done let me know as soon as possible to make an appointment. For all booking info go to my "Scheduling an Appointment Page"   email: [email protected]

Brian Ulibarri: Tattoos Art - Realism, Portraits | Ulibarri Ink & Art Gallery

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